Perspex Tint (per sheet)


Perspex Tint (per sheet)

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    Perspex Tint Colours

    All Perspex are Sold in 900 x 600mm Sheets.

    You can send us your design, or we can design any name, word letters etc. for you. You can use the Full Sheet.

    Laser Cutting and Engraving is Included on all Sheets Purchased.

    Perspex® Cast acrylic colours are available in solid or opaque, translucent and transparent options.

    Some light will pass through a translucent colour such as this.

    Key Features

    • Translucent
    • Laser cut and engraving with lots of potential
    • Carries the Perspex® 10 year guarantee.
  • Additional information

    Additional information

    Perspex Tint

    Tint 3T17 Amber 3mm, Tint 3T17 Amber 5mm, Tint 4T77 Red 3mm, Tint 4T77 Red 5mm, Tint 6T08 Green 3mm, Tint 6T59 Green 3mm, Tint 7T5G Blue 3mm, Tint 7T5G Blue 5mm, Tint 9T14 Neutral 3mm, Tint 9T4D Bronze 3mm, Tint 9T4D Bronze 5mm, Tint 9T6D Grey 3mm