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Trodat Rubber Stamp Range  is the ideal for daily office use. It guarantees clean, precise imprints. For years it has stood for reliability and professionalism. Accurate workmanship and high-quality materials make it an enduring champion in the Trodat product range.

From 2013, All Trodat Professional models are Climate Neutral, as Standard – protecting our environment and the climate going forward.

Climate-neutral. as standard.

The Trodat Professional is climate neutral. As standard.


The Professional offers the greatest user comfort. It lies perfectly in the hand thanks to its ergonomically shaped handle. The imprint occurs in a soft, round stamp motion.


The Professional’s sturdy steel core guarantees durability and stability. It’s precisely right for the office’s varied daily demands.


Dirty fingers while adjusting the date? Not with the Professional. The stable date band cover prevents finger contact with the stamp ink and keeps your fingers clean every day.

Auto Number Stamp B6K2 4.5mm R2198

Auto Number Stamp B6K2 5.5mm R2198

Clothing Marker 4911CCM 38x14mm R332

Embosser EMBLR 50mm Round R1751

Embosser ESLVC 38mm Round R1021

Mobile Printy Stamp 5211 85x55mm R1393

Mobile Printy Stamp 5215 45mm Round R886

Mobile Printy Stamp 5415 45mm Round R1545

Mobile Printy Stamp 9413 58x22mm R520

Mobile Printy Stamp 9430 30x30mm R471

Mobile Printy Stamp 9511 38x14mm R331

Mobile Printy Stamp 9512 47x18mm R425

Mobile Printy Stamp 54120 116x55mm R2565

Mobile Printy Stamp 54140 40mm Round R1326

Number Stamp 5756 5.5mm R2332

Printy Stamp 101 38x14mm R108

Printy Stamp 102 38x14mm R108

Printy Stamp 107 38x14mm R108

Printy Stamp 108 38x14mm R108

Printy Stamp 111 38x14mm R108

Printy Stamp 204 38x14mm R108

Printy Stamp 209 38x14mm R108

Printy Stamp 217 38x14mm R108

Printy Stamp 218 38x14mm R108

Printy Stamp 307 38x14mm R108

Printy Stamp 310 38x14mm R108

Printy Stamp 414 38x14mm R108

Printy Stamp 418 38x14mm R108

Printy Stamp 421 38x14mm R108

Printy Stamp 435 38x14mm R108

Printy Stamp 440 38x14mm R108

Printy Stamp 447 38x14mm R108

Printy Stamp 451 38x14mm R108

Printy Stamp 458 38x14mm R108

Printy Stamp 4726 75x38mm R1134

Printy Stamp 4727 R1039

Printy Stamp 4907 13x6mm R285

Printy Stamp 4908 15x7mm R285

Printy Stamp 4910 26x9mm R285

Printy Stamp 4910K 26x9mm R360

Printy Stamp 4911 38x14mm R331

Printy Stamp 4912 47x18mm R424

Printy Stamp 4913 58x22mm R520

Printy Stamp 4914 64x25mm R604

Printy Stamp 4915 70x25mm R689

Printy Stamp 4916 70x10mm R481

Printy Stamp 4917 50x10mm R424

Printy Stamp 4918 74x14mm R586

Printy Stamp 4921 12x12mm R306

Printy Stamp 4922 20x20mm R390

Printy Stamp 4923 30x30mm R473

Printy Stamp 4924 40x40mm R759

Printy Stamp 4925 82x25mm R950

Printy Stamp 43132 32x32mm R723

Rubber Date Stamp 4813 25x8mm R617

Rubber Date Stamp 4850 25x5mm R440

Rubber Date Stamp 46119 19mm Round R560

Rubber Date Stamp 46125 25mm Round R599

Rubber Date Stamp 46130 30mm Round R845

Rubber Date Stamp 46140 40mm Round R918

Rubber Date Stamp 46145 45mm Round R887

Rubber Stamp 4630 30mm R835

Rubber Stamp 4642 42mm Round R758

Rubber Stamp 4724 40x40mm R1165

Rubber Stamp 4726 75x38mm R1484

Rubber Stamp 4727 60x40mm R1439

Rubber Stamp 4731 70x30mm R780

Rubber Stamp 4912 48x18mm R540

Rubber Stamp 4913 58x22mm R626

Rubber Stamp 4915 70x25mm R918

Rubber Stamp 4925 82x25mm R1000

Rubber Stamp 4928 60x33mm R724

Rubber Stamp 4929 50x30mm R562

Rubber Stamp 4933 25×25 R452

Rubber Stamp 5200 41x24mm R576

Rubber Stamp 5203 49x28mm R624

Rubber Stamp 5204 56x25mm R696

Rubber Stamp 5204 56x25mm R890

Rubber Stamp 5205 70x25mm R777

Rubber Stamp 5205 70x25mm R1067

Rubber Stamp 5206 56x33mm R830

Rubber Stamp 5206 56x33mm R1483

Rubber Stamp 5208 68x47mm R908

Rubber Stamp 5215 45mm Round R1182

Rubber Stamp 5274 60x40mm R871

Rubber Stamp 5430 41x24mm R1113

Rubber Stamp 5430 41x24mm R1274

Rubber Stamp 5440 49x28mm R1119

Rubber Stamp 5440 49x28mm R1329

Rubber Stamp 5460 58x33mm R1190

Rubber Stamp 5470 60x40mm R1519

Rubber Stamp 5474 60x40mm R1517

Rubber Stamp 5480 68x47mm R1772

Rubber Stamp 5480 68x47mm R1978

Rubber Stamp 9413 58x22mm R626

Rubber Stamp 9430 30x30mm R563

Rubber Stamp 9511 38x14mm R451

Rubber Stamp 9512 47x18mm R540

Rubber Stamp 44045 45x30mm R686

Rubber Stamp 44055 55x35mm R746

Rubber Stamp 46050 50mm Round R835

Rubber Stamp 46140 40mm R1193

Rubber Stamp 54110 85x55mm R2728

Laser Cut Letters

Auto Number Stamp B6K2 4.5mm R2198,Auto Number Stamp B6K2 5.5mm R2198,Clothing Marker 4911CCM 38x14mm R332,Embosser EMBLR 50mm Round R1751,Embosser ESLVC 38mm Round R1021,Mobile Printy Stamp 5211 85x55mm R1393,Mobile Printy Stamp 5215 45mm Round R886,Mobile Printy Stamp 5415 45mm Round R1545,Mobile Printy Stamp 9413 58x22mm R520,Mobile Printy Stamp 9430 30x30mm R471,Mobile Printy Stamp 9511 38x14mm R331,Mobile Printy Stamp 9512 47x18mm R425,Mobile Printy Stamp 54120 116x55mm R2565,Mobile Printy Stamp 54140 40mm Round R1326,Number Stamp 5756 5.5mm R2332,Printy Stamp 101 38x14mm R108,Printy Stamp 102 38x14mm R108,Printy Stamp 107 38x14mm R108,Printy Stamp 108 38x14mm R108,Printy Stamp 111 38x14mm R108,Printy Stamp 204 38x14mm R108,Printy Stamp 209 38x14mm R108,Printy Stamp 217 38x14mm R108,Printy Stamp 218 38x14mm R108,Printy Stamp 307 38x14mm R108,Printy Stamp 310 38x14mm R108,Printy Stamp 414 38x14mm R108,Printy Stamp 418 38x14mm R108,Printy Stamp 421 38x14mm R108,Printy Stamp 435 38x14mm R108,Printy Stamp 440 38x14mm R108,Printy Stamp 447 38x14mm R108,Printy Stamp 451 38x14mm R108,Printy Stamp 458 38x14mm R108,Printy Stamp 4726 75x38mm R1134,Printy Stamp 4727 R1039,Printy Stamp 4907 13x6mm R285,Printy Stamp 4908 15x7mm R285,Printy Stamp 4910 26x9mm R285,Printy Stamp 4910K 26x9mm R360,Printy Stamp 4911 38x14mm R331,Printy Stamp 4912 47x18mm R424,Printy Stamp 4913 58x22mm R520,Printy Stamp 4914 64x25mm R604,Printy Stamp 4915 70x25mm R689,Printy Stamp 4916 70x10mm R481,Printy Stamp 4917 50x10mm R424,Printy Stamp 4918 74x14mm R586,Printy Stamp 4921 12x12mm R306,Printy Stamp 4922 20x20mm R390,Printy Stamp 4923 30x30mm R473,Printy Stamp 4924 40x40mm R759,Printy Stamp 4925 82x25mm R950,Printy Stamp 43132 32x32mm R723,Rubber Date Stamp 4813 25x8mm R617,Rubber Date Stamp 4850 25x5mm R440,Rubber Date Stamp 46119 19mm Round R560,Rubber Date Stamp 46125 25mm Round R599,Rubber Date Stamp 46130 30mm Round R845,Rubber Date Stamp 46140 40mm Round R918,Rubber Date Stamp 46145 45mm Round R887,Rubber Stamp 4630 30mm R835,Rubber Stamp 4642 42mm Round R758,Rubber Stamp 4724 40x40mm R1165,Rubber Stamp 4726 75x38mm R1484,Rubber Stamp 4727 60x40mm R1439,Rubber Stamp 4731 70x30mm R780,Rubber Stamp 4912 48x18mm R540,Rubber Stamp 4913 58x22mm R626,Rubber Stamp 4915 70x25mm R918,Rubber Stamp 4925 82x25mm R1000,Rubber Stamp 4928 60x33mm R724,Rubber Stamp 4929 50x30mm R562,Rubber Stamp 4933 25×25 R452,Rubber Stamp 5200 41x24mm R576,Rubber Stamp 5203 49x28mm R624,Rubber Stamp 5204 56x25mm R696,Rubber Stamp 5204 56x25mm R890,Rubber Stamp 5205 70x25mm R777,Rubber Stamp 5205 70x25mm R1067,Rubber Stamp 5206 56x33mm R830,Rubber Stamp 5206 56x33mm R1483,Rubber Stamp 5208 68x47mm R908,Rubber Stamp 5215 45mm Round R1182,Rubber Stamp 5274 60x40mm R871,Rubber Stamp 5430 41x24mm R1113,Rubber Stamp 5430 41x24mm R1274,Rubber Stamp 5440 49x28mm R1119,Rubber Stamp 5440 49x28mm R1329,Rubber Stamp 5460 58x33mm R1190,Rubber Stamp 5470 60x40mm R1519,Rubber Stamp 5474 60x40mm R1517,Rubber Stamp 5480 68x47mm R1772,Rubber Stamp 5480 68x47mm R1978,Rubber Stamp 9413 58x22mm R626,Rubber Stamp 9430 30x30mm R563,Rubber Stamp 9511 38x14mm R451,Rubber Stamp 9512 47x18mm R540,Rubber Stamp 44045 45x30mm R686,Rubber Stamp 44055 55x35mm R746,Rubber Stamp 46050 50mm Round R835,Rubber Stamp 46140 40mm R1193,Rubber Stamp 54110 85x55mm R2728.

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