Perspex Standard Colours (per sheet)


Perspex Standard Colours (per sheet)

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    All Perspex are Sold in 900 x 600mm Sheets.

    You can send us your design, or we can design any name, word letters etc. for you. You can use the Full Sheet.

    Laser Cutting and Engraving is Included on all Sheets Purchased.

    Perfect for laser cutting and engraving, Perspex® Cast Acrylic is a consistent, high quality durable plastic sheeting used the world over to bring life to the ideas of architects, specifiers, interior designers, furniture designers, laser cutters, brand architects, graphic designers, automotive designers and fabricators.

    Perspex® Cast Acrylic sheets can be formed and fabricated into a vast spectrum of designs, ranging from signage to furniture, lighting, glazing, printing.

    It is superior to all other thermoplastic sheet and higher than that of glass with virtually no colour bias. Even after 10 years of outdoor exposure, Perspex® clear cast acrylic will continue to transmit 85% of visible light while other thermoplastic sheet will show a much greater reduction over the same period.

    Key Features

    • Laser cutting with perfect clear edging
    • Laser engraving with a white matt finish
    • Outstanding clarity
    • High gloss surface
    • Exceptionally hard wearing
    • Weather resistant
    • Easily fabricated
  • Additional information

    Additional information

    Perspex Standard

    Standard 1T94 Opal 3mm, Standard 1T94 Opal 5mm, Standard 2T10 Yellow 3mm, Standard 2T10 Yellow 5mm, Standard 2T17 Yellow 3mm, Standard 2T17 Yellow 5mm, Standard 3T06 Orange 3mm, Standard 4T2B Red 3mm, Standard 4T2B Red 5mm, Standard 4T3B Red 3mm, Standard 4T3B Red 5mm, Standard 6T42 Green 3mm, Standard 6T42 Green 5mm, Standard 7T11 Blue 3mm, Standard 7T24 Blue 5mm, Standard 7T4G Blue 3mm, Standard 9T30 Black 3mm, Standard 9T30 Black 5mm, Standard 9T5D Dark Grey 3mm